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Your Fast Introduction to a Künker eLive Auction

With its eLive Auction, Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG offers you a direct and easy opportunity to participate in regular auctions live over the Internet. From the convenience of your own home or when you are traveling, you can submit preliminary bids, and up to that last moment – as in a real auction, in bidding competition with others – decide the outcome of the auctions in your favor.

What do I need to participate?

You probably already have everything you need to start right away. In order to participate in eLive Auction, all you need is an Internet connection along with an active myKünker account to log in.

In case you do not yet have access to myKünker, you can register on our website or get in touch directly with our customer service department. We are delighted to assist you. Should you have any problems displaying the auctions, you can use the following links to download an optimal browser free of charge: Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome

What is the cost to attend the Auction eLive?

Participation in the eLive Auctions is free of charge. All you need is a free myKünker account. If you have bought items in an auction, please remember that your coin is subject to the following costs:

On top of the hammer price there is a buyer's premium as specified in our Terms and Conditions. In addition, all prices are always net prices. This means that the total price (including the buyer's premium) is subject to applicable value-added tax.

In shipping the merchandise, we assume a majority of the packing and shipping costs. We calculate your contribution to these costs according to the following schedule:

Shipping within Germany:
€ 5.90 per parcel, free shipping for order value above €1,000.

Shipping within the EU (incl. Switzerland and Norway):
€ 9.90 per parcel, free shipping for order value above €2,500.

Shipping overseas:
€ 14.90 per parcel, free shipping for order value above €5,000.

How does a Künker eLive Auction work?

Just as in a hall auction, you will find many features here that will be familiar to you. Initially all the pieces of the auction are presented for two weeks on the auction site and can be previewed in detail. During this time period, until each item is called up for auction, you can submit preliminary bids in a desired amount to be considered for you at the auction.

After the preview and preliminary bid phase, each piece is called up and auctioned individually, in sequential order, according to its lot number. Now you have the opportunity to join others in live bidding for each piece in the virtual auction hall.

When the bidding starts, you can have your bids increase incrementally or submit new bids and win the auction by clicking on the central button “Bid now”.

How do I bid in the eLive Auction?

eLive Auction hall

In order to show you how it works, we’ve put together a simple illustration:

“I have heard about the new eLive Auction and would like to see whether I can find a piece for my collection.

As I am already registered at myKünker, I go to the homepage of eLive Auction – the lobby – and select the option “Participate". In the subsequent window, I enter my login details for myKünker and confirm. On the upper right-hand side, I now see my bidder number: 329. I select “Participate” once more and enter the hall.
In the middle, I see a countdown: The next auction begins in 10 days.

I use the time to have a look around. I select the button “Auction overview” directly below the countdown. A window featuring all the pieces of the auction opens up and I enter “ducat” in the search field and confirm it with “Submit”... The list shows me interesting items and I believe to have found a suitable piece in lot number 1749 at €100.

I click on the miniature image of the coin and now see a larger depiction of the coin. The text reveals: “Silver restrike from the dies of the 1616 Sophie ducats. Minted in the 19th Century. Magnificent patina, extremely fine - uncirculated.” I move the mouse over the image and examine the edge and the quality of the coin.

In the field below the description I enter the amount of €300, as I want to ensure that the coin will be mine. I click on “Submit bid” and then “Confirm bid”, and my bid appears immediately on the page. Now I am bidding automatically in the eLive Auction.

10 days later I want to observe the auction and log in again. I am not sure in the meantime whether my bid will be sufficient. I could have simply increased the preliminary bid, but now I also want to participate live.

After a few minutes the silver restrike appears in the preview in the auction hall and begins to climb. My bid is shown in green next to the coin. In the meantime, the bid price is at €290. My bid price. I am still the highest bidder.

The bidding continues. The coin appears on the upper left-hand side and in the middle it says, “You are the highest bidder.” The bidding history is displayed on the right: "18:16:02 €250 bidder 329". The clock is running in my favor. But suddenly the clock restarts, my button turns red and it says: “Bid €300 now.” The button immediately turns green again: Highest bidder. Now I am bidding automatically. And again the button says: “Bid €320 now.” I think about it and make my move. One click on the button once more makes me the highest bidder, and this time until the final hammer.

My bid slowly moves to the bottom as other items are auctions, and I look at “Your current auction.” There it is: €320. I have actually bought my first coin in an online auction.

What’s what? - Your tools for Successful Auction Participation

The Lobby

eLive Auction lobby

Here you’ll receive a quick overview of all dates and essential information on the auctions. Select “Log in” (upper right) or “Participate” (in the middle of the page) in order to sign up for the auction using your myKünker details. Upon initial registration, you will receive a bidder number for the current auction, which will be displayed on the upper right-hand side of the page.

When you are logged in, you can enter the auction hall by clicking on the button “Participate”. Should you first simply wish to find out more about the auction merchandise or merely gain a first impression of the eLive Auction, you can immediately click on “Visit”, and you’ll proceed to the auction hall without logging in. All of the elements that serve to submit bids are inactive in this case.

The Auction Hall

eLive Auction hall

Here you will find clearly arranged all the key elements you need to participate in the auction.

The Preview List
Here you’ll see the upcoming pieces in the auction, so you’ll never be surprised when a certain piece is called up. If you have already submitted a bid or you have marked a piece in your wish list, you’ll recognize this by the color coding next to the coin description. A number on the green background stands for a current highest bid, red indicates that you’ve been outbid at the moment. Yellow indicates to you that the piece is on your wish list.

The Current Lot
You will find the auction piece that is currently being sold in the live auction directly above the preview list. A larger image and a more detailed description once again provide you with all the key information for making a bidding decision.

The Virtual Auctioneer
To the left of the current lot you will find the current price, a clock showing the time remaining until the item is sold, as well as the central button “Bid now”.

The “Bid now” Button
Here you can see whether you are the highest bidder at the moment. If you are not, you will find on the button the amount of the next possible bid. If you would like to submit a bid, please simply click on the button at the right moment.

Further Elements
All further elements inform you about the short- and medium-term results of the auction. The auction history shows you the current bids for the current lot. The auction results document the most recent sales. In the window “Your current auction” you will find the key figures on your own auction, your bids and purchases.

“Auction Overview” Button
The central grey button opens your auction materials. If you would like to know more about individual pieces or all the lots of the auction, click here. Here you will find all past results of your own activities or of the current auction.

If you want to speed things up a bit, we have another helpful hint for you.
Each element in the auction hall offers you direct access to your various materials. Each image of a coin leads to the relevant details. The overview of auction results opens up the full list of results and a click on “your current auction” takes you to all important information about your auction results thus far and several key figures. So you’ll always know what’s going on.

The Auction Materials:

eLive Auction materials

If you click on the button “Auction Overview”, a window pops up, in which you can query all the auction details. Using the red highlighted buttons in the upper right-hand corner, you can choose the individual functions:

Auction Overview
Here you’ll find all the auction pieces that have not been sold yet. The sequence of the lots corresponds to the order in which they are called up for auction. For each piece you’ll find the price at which bidding starts and a symbol denoting whether you have already submitted a preliminary bid for a piece or whether a lot is in your wish list. A number on the green background stands for a current highest bid. Red indicates that you’ve been outbid at the moment. Yellow indicates to you that the piece is on your wish list. In order to provide you with a quick overview, you’ll find various search and filter options on the upper part of the page. One click on the frame behind the coin description adds a piece to your wish list. One click on the picture of an interesting item takes you directly to a detailed description.

Coin Details
This page shows you all the information on a particular piece. With the corresponding buttons on the lower left-hand side, you can mark a particular lot and print out the description. In the free field on the lower right-hand side, you can submit a preliminary bid. Please note: once you have made an entry, you are asked to confirm your bid again.

My Auction
Here you will find all the information pertaining to you personally in an auction. In the upper area you have an overview of the distribution of your auction budget. The maximum highest bid shows you, for example, which bid amount is capable of becoming the highest bid at the moment. The corresponding colors and symbols show you the pieces on you have already been outbid. This allows you to easily decide the pieces for which you would like to submit an additional bid. In the upper area you can also select whether you would like to display all your auction purchases, bids or coins on your wish list.